October Monthly Video Recap

The frost is on the pumpkin, the Jack O’ Lanterns have gone home, and we’re gearing up for month of Thanksgiving. It’s time of elections, football, family gatherings, Thanksgiving dinners, and the beginning of Advent. We have so much to look forward to as we move closer to the end of the year.

But in case you’ve missed the videos that were posted for all viewers on YouTube for the previous month of October 2022, here’s the list of links to them all. 

No exclusive Patreon content was posted in October. Instead, we’ve done something special for Patrons to kick off the month of November. Make sure you check it out (only accessible if you’re a patron). If you’ve not joined Patreon yet, please consider supporting this channel and receiving additional, helpful content.

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September Monthly Video Recap

It’s hard to believe October is already here, with cooler weather and pumpkin spice found everywhere. (I’m even using pumpkin spice watercolor paper!) Not found on Amazon.com or anywhere else as far as I know.

In case you’ve missed the videos that were posted for all viewers on YouTube for the previous month of September 2022, here’s the list of links to them all.

You will also find the additional links to exclusive content on Patreon (only accessible if you’re a patron). If you’ve not become a Patron yet, please consider supporting this channel and receiving additional, helpful content.

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New Monthly Video Recap Feature

For a while now I’ve wanted to post my videos right here on my blog as another path or alert to ones you might have missed. In fact it was one of the original intents of this blog. YouTube’s notifications sometimes don’t hit the mark even if you’re subscribed to the channel and have the bell clicked for those notifications. I think for me the best approach is to post a monthly recap including all the videos posted in the previous month with a brief description in case you missed one as many viewers often do. For each monthly post I will also include a list recapping the exclusive content I provide on Patreon which can also be easy to miss.

So, to kick it off, here are the videos that were posted for all viewers on YouTube for the month of August 2022, followed by a list of links to exclusive content just for supporters on Patreon (only accessible if you’re a patron).

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Looking Ahead While Glancing Back.

What’s this? A blog post? Sure why not. For The Mind of Watercolor YouTube Channel, 2020 & 2021 have been interesting to say the least. Challenges continue in 2022 to just maintain my channel’s status quo, and not only because of the “Rona.” New family challenges arose that stressed my productivity bandwidth to the max. I won’t go into the details but suffice it to say a “new normal” had to be adopted. Blog posts are the first thing on my list to suffer neglect and that’s by design. But I do love to write given the chance and that desire bats it’s beckoning eyes every now and then. Landmark events are good occasions to drop a word or two. So here goes.

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The 15 Minute Art Student

What can you do in 15 minutes? Eat a bowl of cereal? Walk the dog? Go through your mail? Can’t do much though right? It’s interesting that we tend to look at time a bit differently than other things. Take money for example or a pile of dirt. Hold on, dirt? What?… bear with me here. To buy a house or a car most of us have to save a little each month or get a loan and pay it back a little each month. Likewise, moving a pile of dirt is done one shovel full at a time unless we own a bulldozer or have some sort of super power.

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Are We There Yet Mommy?

When did it happen? When did we grow past our childish impatience to sit in a car for an eternity, just to arrive at an exciting destination? When did that excruciating wait time turn into a more mature appreciation of the journey itself and give rise to the delightful exclamation, “road trip!”? It certainly changed for me and I find that interesting because my patience for creating art did exactly the same thing and in very similar ways. Ok, so the analogy isn’t perfect. Nobody wants to travel all the time. I guess the joy in a “road trip” for me is a break in routine, a change of pace, fresh sights and sounds. So the analogy breaks down a bit. In one way, however, the analogy fits perfectly, the maturity to enjoy the entire journey, not just the destination. For a moment let’s contemplate our mental approach to that journey that is our artistic development.

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Should you Adopt the Mindset of a Professional Artist?

Well, in my not-so-humble opinion, YES! But what exactly do I mean?

What I’m NOT talking about is quitting your current job, doing nothing but art and trying to get paid for it. I realize a lot of my YouTube audience and by extension, blog readers here, are leisure time artists just trying to enjoy themselves with art, produce some satisfactory results and perhaps improve.

So, that last one, improving, THATS what I’m talking about here and this is where a professional mindset will help you regardless of whether you aspire to reach a professional level or not. Even more specifically, lets deal with one important way to facilitate improvement and that’s problem solving.

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The Perfect Sketchbook Debuts! AGAIN!

The newest iteration of THE PERFECT SKETCHBOOK will be debuting soon. Go check out Etchr Lab’s post and the interview in which yours truly took part. I’ve been privileged to have experienced Erwin Lian’s original Sketchbooks, and I’m thrilled that Etchr has picked up the brand and design with Erwin’s oversight and blessing of course.  […]

Digital Detour. Sort Of…

… Its really more of a frequently enjoyed side trip as I travel along the path that defines my art journey. Digital illustration was such a huge part of my professional life for years. I spent hundreds of hours in front of a computer monitor working in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator primarily on client art, so its still in my blood. A drawing tablet was essential to that work. The need for digital art is not as essential these days and I’m totally loving a re-focus on natural media, especially watercolor but I still love digital and all the tech associated with it. It’s a useful and versatile tool for visualization and study when applied to natural media like drawing or painting.

If you’re a digital artist too or have been one in the past, I would love to hear your war stories. And how do you mix or use digital in concert with natural media?

I’ve pulled all nighters doing client work on a Wacom tablet. I would have loved to have been able to work on a pen display like this back then.

The Huion Kamvas Pro 22 (2019)

Clouds and Notifications

Hey YouTube, If its Broke Why Not Fix It!

The YouTube Notification Bell (next to the subscribe bar) is, when clicked, supposed to give you a notification for every video that particular YouTube channel releases. SUPPOSED TO! If you haven’t clicked the one on my channel and you want notice of all my videos you should go ahead and click it and it may work for you. We all want more notifications on our devices don’t we? (wait don’t answer that) Problem is it’s not always working according to several reports. As a result I also post every video on my Facebook Page. Those get posted about a week later, but if you’re on Facebook much it’s another way to see and be notified of new videos. My Patrons on Patreon also get a posting there with notification of every video and get to see each video 24 hours before everyone else. If you’re interested in supporting my channel on a monthly basis for as little as $1 a month you can CLICK HERE and sign up.

Clouds and More Clouds

To kick things off, here is my latest episode on creating simple and easy clouds, PLUS, it’s part of a new playlist on clouds incase you haven’t seen all 6. The 6th one in this playlist is actually a landscape and a review of Stonehenge Aqua paper, but I spend a little time demonstrating a stormy spring sky. Enjoy, and we’ll talk to everyone in the next post.

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