February Monthly Video Recap

From Punxsutawney Phil’s prognostication, to flowers and chocolates and blizzards, February has been a very busy, full month. I know many of you were hit hard with storms and snow this month and I wish I could have given you some of our Southern warmth. I, Rita, (Steve’s wife) was raised with Iowa cold and blizzards. I don’t mind missing out on them now.

And if you’ve missed out on any of our February videos that were posted for all viewers on YouTube, here’s Steve’s videos with a list of links to them all.

No exclusive Patreon content this month. We’ll have more in March, so stay tuned!

I Can’t Get Enough of This Sketching Process!

I started experimenting with this sketching process about 3 years ago and I keep coming back to it. Very effective, fun and satisfying. This is not just for faces. Works for sketching any subject in just about any sketchbook.

Landscape Watercolor Sketching with a Waterbrush

You asked so here it is. My watercolor sketching process applied to a Cypress Tree landscape. A fun, simple process that I’m also thinking will be great for plein air.

Should I Use TWO Art Styles in the Same Painting?!

Changing painting styles as you move away from the center of interest? What does that accomplish if anything? Well, lets find out.

Is there a BEST Brush for Watercolor?! The Brushes I’m using 2023.

Here’s an updated look at the watercolor brushes I like to use and some general advice on buying good brushes.

One thought on “February Monthly Video Recap

  1. All interesting stuff. I confess to having trouble with the style of ‘painting’/drawing. But I enjoy the challenge of it. Look forward to additional challenges. Thanks.


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