March & April Monthly Video Recap

March came in like a lamb and out like a lion this year, at least for us. For many of you it came and left like a fire-breathing dragon! April then brought us early flowers and plenty of gardening. That’s why I’ve combined our March and April recap into one this year. I’ve been pretty busy all during the month of April planting something or other. Most of the veggie garden is now finished and we have a brand new flower garden outside our gate. Needless to say, while I was busy preparing our gardens, Steve was busy creating fabulous videos to share with you all.

If you happened to have overlooked any of our March or April videos that were posted for all viewers on YouTube, here they are with a list of links to them all.

As usual, you will also find the additional links to exclusive content on Patreon (only accessible if you’re a Patron). If you’ve not become a Patron yet, please consider supporting this channel and receiving additional, helpful content.

Is there a BEST Brush for Watercolor?! The Brushes I’m using 2023.

Here’s an updated look at the watercolor brushes I like to use and some general advice on buying good brushes.

Painting a Unique Live Oak in Watercolor. Finding Trees Packed with Character.

Have you fully explored the character and magic of painting and drawing trees? Such a varied and intriguing subject that never gets old and is packed with inspiration.

Interview with Watercolorist and YouTuber Emily Olson

Minders, help me give a warm welcome to Watercolorist and YouTuber Emily Olson.

Focus Detail on Specifics (Short)

Limiting detail to a specific area is a great eye focusing tool in your paintings and compositions.

A Simple Approach to Painting Blooming & Budding Trees in Watercolor

Here is a simple approach to painting blooming & budding trees or bushes over a darker background. This easy method can be used in a variety of situations.

Putting a New Plein Air Easel to the Test: Painting at the Park.

Taking my James Gurney style easel out for a spin on a beautiful April day at the park to do a little plein air for the first time in 2023. (easel made by Taylor Seamount)

The Subtle Beauty of Tinted Charcoal. Derwent Pencils and Pans. (Short)

Tree Using Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils and Pans. #shorts

What IS This Paint?! Do I Need This?

Let’s look at a new paint selection from Da Vinci. AND we’ll also look at whether or not this is something that is useful or needed.

When I’m in a Landscape Drawing Mood, THIS is a Favorite Technique.

I often just want to pick up a pen and draw landscape. This is a favorite way to do that.

Patreon Exclusive Content

15-Minute Artist – Spontaneous Doodling

15-Minute Artist – Mastering Thin branches

Studio Tips – Paint Tubes and Caps

Video Extras – Budding Branch

One thought on “March & April Monthly Video Recap

  1. Watching your program on brushes brought to mind another question on supplies. In my area we have Blick, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and a independent local supply house. Plus Cheep Joe’s and one other mail /on line supply house that I can’t remember now. So how do you get your supplies in the Carolina’s? And how do you rate them. Micheals and Hobby Lobby are only pretending to be art supplies I consider them craft stores. Do you have any thoughts?


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