January Monthly Video Recap

Last month we ushered in year 2023. Hard to believe we’re over 1/5th of the way through the 21st century! I remember when we thought “2001, a Space Odyssey” was in the distant future. It’s amazing how quickly time gets away from us.

And in case time has gotten away from you and you’ve missed the January videos that were posted for all viewers on YouTube, here’s the list of links to them all.

You will also find the additional links to exclusive content on Patreon (only accessible if you’re a patron). If you’ve not become a Patron yet, please consider supporting this channel and receiving additional, helpful content.

Should I Avoid Opaque Watercolor Pigments? Review – DaVinci Embrace Opacity Palette.

Opaque watercolor pigments are often avoided and even frowned upon by transparent watercolorists but why? We’ll review a brand new opaque watercolor set (nope, it’s not gouache) by Da Vinci and Denise Soden  @InLiquidColor  and talk about some characteristics you should know.

Improving Your Transitions & Edges in Watercolor Landscape.

Transitioning smoothly from landform to landform, background to foreground and creating interesting edges is an important factor in watercolor landscape. We’ll demonstrate and talk about some of those techniques in this video.

Painting Clouds With Dramatic Side or Back Light in Watercolor!

Clouds that are lit from the back or side can be some of the most dramatic. Here’s a demo on my approach to painting them.

Plein Air Easels. What I’ve Used & Love. Plus Something New!

I’ve tried and reviewed a few Plein Air Easels over the years and here is what I’ve found, what I keep coming back to and something totally new.

Patreon Exclusive Content

Studio Tips – Palette Break-in

Video Extras – Dry Brush Edges

15-Minute Artist – Flat Trees

Video Extras – Foggy Morning Vlog

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