November Monthly Video Recap

November seemed to fly by this year on a fast downhill to December. We hope all of you enjoyed a yummy Thanksgiving dinner and maybe a little football. We have so much to be thankful for and it’s good to count our blessings at least once a year.

Because we gave some special love to our Patrons this month, we posted just two videos for all viewers on YouTube for the month of November 2022, here’s the list of links to them both.

For you Patrons, we did something special to kick off the month of November. We provided several helpful videos just for you. Make sure you check them out (only accessible if you’re a patron). If you’ve not joined Patreon yet, please consider supporting this channel and receiving additional, helpful content.

Realistic Tree Bark & Simplifying Overwhelming Complexity. Tree Detail in Watercolor

Adding lots of tiny, granular details to your painting won’t make it more realistic. In fact, you’re more likely to make a painting look convincingly realistic by simplifying the subject and choosing the right details and values. Let’s look at how I did that in this watercolor of a complex tree limb.

Daniel Smith Gouache Review! First Look.

Daniel Smith is now in the gouache game. Lets take a first look at this new gouache paint.

Patreon Exclusive Content

This year we designated the first week of November as Patron Appreciation Week. We can’t express how grateful we are for your continued support of The Mind of Watercolor. It’s because of you that we’re able to continue making these fun and helpful videos.

Please check out these new exclusive videos created just for you.

Video Extras – Something I’ve Been Working On

15-Minute Artist – Exploring Complements

Studio Tips – Palette Management Questions

Sketchbook Peeks – My Draw Anything Tree Session

15-Minute Artist – Creating Soft Edges

Video Extras – Tour of Our Fall Leaf Color

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