October Monthly Video Recap

The frost is on the pumpkin, the Jack O’ Lanterns have gone home, and we’re gearing up for month of Thanksgiving. It’s time of elections, football, family gatherings, Thanksgiving dinners, and the beginning of Advent. We have so much to look forward to as we move closer to the end of the year.

But in case you’ve missed the videos that were posted for all viewers on YouTube for the previous month of October 2022, here’s the list of links to them all. 

No exclusive Patreon content was posted in October. Instead, we’ve done something special for Patrons to kick off the month of November. Make sure you check it out (only accessible if you’re a patron). If you’ve not joined Patreon yet, please consider supporting this channel and receiving additional, helpful content.

Better Results From Your Reference Photos

Reference photos you’ve taken perhaps from travel or vacation, are a ready resource for painting. Here are a few tips for getting better painting results from your reference photos right away.

Spontaneous Landscape Painting BUT With 3 Never Before Used Colors!

I’m doing a spontaneous watercolor landscape again. This time I’ll be using only 3 colors which I’ve never used before in a full painting. The results delighted and surprised me.

A Beginner’s Quick Start Guide to Pen & Ink!

If you’ve ever thought about learning pen and ink but don’t know where to start. This is the video for you.

Inktober Line & Wash Fantasy Demo + Lots of Pen & Ink Beginner Tips

I’m finally getting around to drawing something for #inktober2022 with this pen and ink, line and wash. Better late than never. Come along and I’ll hand out a few inking tips along the way. Plus stay until the end for a treat.

2 EASY Gifts From Spontaneous Watercolor Paintings!

Here are a couple ways to create some easy gifts from small spontaneous watercolor paintings. Included is a simple tutorial on creating those small spontaneous landscapes. If the season is starting to put you in a gift giving mood, this video may give you some ideas.

Patreon Exclusive Content

Instead of making Patreon exclusive content this month, we chose to have a Patron Appreciation Week during the first week of November.

Please check out those new exclusive videos created just for you.

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