September Monthly Video Recap

It’s hard to believe October is already here, with cooler weather and pumpkin spice found everywhere. (I’m even using pumpkin spice watercolor paper!) Not found on or anywhere else as far as I know.

In case you’ve missed the videos that were posted for all viewers on YouTube for the previous month of September 2022, here’s the list of links to them all.

You will also find the additional links to exclusive content on Patreon (only accessible if you’re a patron). If you’ve not become a Patron yet, please consider supporting this channel and receiving additional, helpful content.

OOPS! Fix it Stevie!

I set out to paint a stormy sky demo with Schmincke Super Granulating watercolor. But not long into it things went sideways. Can I fix it?

New Online Resource, Masking Fluid and Look, It’s the Shire!

We check out some new Schmincke super granulating colors, try out a masking fluid that does what the others don’t, and visit the most amazing watercolor pigment resource- bar none!

Beauty Is Found In Unexpected Places!

Just when I thought the garden was nearly dead, I found vegetable blooms to rival the lilies, and just have to paint one. Come along and join me as I explore these flowers.

Patreon Exclusive Content

15-Minute Artist – Effective, Artistic Tracing

Where is Your Exclusive Patreon Content?

Sketchbook Peeks – Finishing the Mask Demo

6 thoughts on “September Monthly Video Recap

  1. I have learned so much from your videos. I look for one almost every evening. $$ is tight so can’t join Patreon for now but some day! Thanks for the effort you put in teaching important skills! You are appreciated very much.


  2. Steve, it’s great that you email monthly recaps, esp for me who can’t keep track of Youtube tutorials. Yours are clear, helpful, and you don’t skip anything. I love watching you paint too! Please put the cost of your Patreon subscription so I can decide before signing up. Thank you for all you do! Reese too!


    • Hi Candace. There is no prescribed amount. It works best to add it to a wash thats already been put on paper. I would not mix it into your paint on your palette. Paint and use washes as normal and drop the gran. medium into the wash with a dropper. It does not work with all colors. Works best with dark colors and dark inks.


  3. Steve, thanks so much for providing a recap, I totally appreciate it. I’ve watched many of your YouTube videos and I’m definitely a fan! You explain things thoroughly and don’t leave anything out. I can’t afford to join Patreon, but want to ask if you’d consider doing a video on how much granulation medium to use—an approximate ratio, if you will? I’ve watched a lot of demos, but no one says how much medium they used. I think that would be very helpful to your viewers/painters. Thanks so much for your consideration.

    Candace Bennett


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