New Monthly Video Recap Feature

For a while now I’ve wanted to post my videos right here on my blog as another path or alert to ones you might have missed. In fact it was one of the original intents of this blog. YouTube’s notifications sometimes don’t hit the mark even if you’re subscribed to the channel and have the bell clicked for those notifications. I think for me the best approach is to post a monthly recap including all the videos posted in the previous month with a brief description in case you missed one as many viewers often do. For each monthly post I will also include a list recapping the exclusive content I provide on Patreon which can also be easy to miss.

So, to kick it off, here are the videos that were posted for all viewers on YouTube for the month of August 2022, followed by a list of links to exclusive content just for supporters on Patreon (only accessible if you’re a patron).

First Impressions – Derwent Graphitint & Tinted Charcoal Pan Sets

In this video I’ll take a look at 2 new Derwent watercolor pans sets, Tinted Charcoal and Graphitint 12-color sets.

Is Painting with Tinted Charcoal Like Watercolor? Old Tangled Tree Watercolor Demo.

I wanted to do more testing of the Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencils and Pan sets so here’s a fuller demo painting of an old tangled growth tree using the two sets together. This can also easily be done with graphite and watercolor or simply watercolor alone.

Glazing, Lifting & Masking. How These 9 Watercolor Papers Perform

Lifting and Masking on watercolor paper are two important characteristics for me. For some time I’ve wanted to do head to head comparisons. So… here we go! Buckle up. This is a good one!

Relaxing Day of Watercolor at the Lake. Reflection Studies. Vlog.

It’s a great week for plein air watercolor painting. We’ve been having very mild August temps so I thought I might study a few reflections at a nearby lake and just relax a bit.

Patreon Exclusive Content

15-Minute Artist – Cracks and Wrinkles

Tomato Photo Reference

15-Minute Artist – Visualizing & Sketching Perspective Quickly

Behind the Scenes Veggie Garden Tour from July (just for fun).

16 thoughts on “New Monthly Video Recap Feature

  1. What a cunning plan, Steve, and how sensible! I’m delighted – many thanks. I love your videos, so inspirational!


  2. 03/09/2022 Dear Mr. Mitchell, Thank you for this monthly recap video feature. It makes it very convenient to have a good sit down binge to read /watch it . I have learned a lot from you for which I thank you. Yours sincerely, Kebunya in Singapore


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  3. That is wonderful and so true I don’t get notified and am always checking on my favorite watercolorest for new videos.

    August is fair month and I did pretty good. Would like your feedback if possible. The background on the mare and foal were intentional as the foal always brought happiness into the lives of everyone that met her, therefore the sunshine, and her name was Jackpot’s Sunshine I so so miss her but well be together soon. She will be the white horse Christ will be riding, I’ll probably be riding her mother, Jackpot.

    Thank you Steve for all you do you are a fantastic teacher.


    Gloria Olmstead

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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  4. Thank you so much for the email recap. I do hope you will continue to do so as it was perfect for me. Where is your blog?? I am a subscriber on you tube but never received any notices .I don’t understand how all this works just that to see you I have to go to you tube which I do.



    • The email you received is also a link to the blog. You most likely subscribed with your email there. What you received is really an email notification of a new blog post. The url is to see previous posts.


  5. Good idea! I don’t know how I got to this point on the computer but I’m here and it’s a good idea anyway.
    I normally look forward to Saturdays watching for your post but this will help when I may go on vacation or away from home, I like it.


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