Veteran’s Day – Honoring the Decision

Veterans have served for a variety of reasons. For Americans, the reasons usually include the protection or our great nation, propagation of freedom and the dismantling of tyranny. While not all wars have been popular, the men and women who have served should all be revered for one simple reason – the decision to lay down their life, should they be called upon, for something greater than themselves. They did not serve a politician or a government but We the People, and an idea that this great Republic and what it stands for should continue for the good of all peoples.

I did not originally plan that this painting would be finished this week but am glad that it was. Entitled Weary Warrior, I hope it captures the spirit of willingness and yet battle weariness, sadness, and profound loss (loss not always visible) visited on many of our veterans and their loved ones. Causes fade and even spoil, but the individual decisions to serve and give of themselves for the good of all, remains a gem in the crown of all veterans both past, present and future.

Thank you, to each and every veteran for your service.