I’m Teaching a Class! YAY!

I’ve some exciting news to share! For those of you local to me, I’ll be teaching a 6-week watercolor landscape class in Greenville, SC at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts. Enrollment will kick off this Friday night, May 3rd, from 6-9pm at an OPEN HOUSE where you can come and meet me, watch a demo, sign up for the class and get a 10% discount. My classes will start June 6th and be every Thursday evening from 6-9pm. If you’re interested you might want to jump on this one. Class enrollment is limited to just 12. So come see me at the Open House this Friday night or go to https://artcentergreenville.org starting this weekend to sign up for the class. 

13 thoughts on “I’m Teaching a Class! YAY!

  1. Lucky people in Greenville, SC!!!! Hope all goes well with your class and a lot of people take advantage of you offering your skill and talent. Please don’t forget all the people that are dedicated to you on YouTube though.:) Catherine Stuart


  2. Steve, This is fantastic that you are teaching a class and will be at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts this Friday for the Open House. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to take a class with you, as I am learning so much from your videos. I am only 2 hours away! So worth it!


  3. Would love to take your class but stuck in the cold Midwest. Hope to see you in Minnesota someday. Lots of trees to paint up here and the fishing is good.

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  4. I’m so jealous! I’m way on the west coast, I think you need to spend some time here in Seattle…lol. Best wishes to all you who get to take the class!


  5. Congratulations! Teaching something you love is so rewarding. If I lived close by, I’d be first in line.


  6. For the first time I’m really sad that I moved from South Carolina to Utah. Would have been worth the drive from Summerville up to Greenville to take that class. Cudos to you Steve and good luck to all you lucky recipients of his knowledge.


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