The Mind of Watercolor Launches

The Mind of Watercolor YouTube Channel has launched! Go check it out. I hope to create a community of watercolor enthusiasts where we learn more about this exciting and easy to use medium which also has a mind of its own and reputation for being unforgiving. I plan to share tips and techniques, review products, engage in challenges and perhaps have some contests and giveaways. It’ll be a blast.


12 thoughts on “The Mind of Watercolor Launches

  1. I’m into photography but have always wanted to try watercolor. Went Friday to Hobby Lobby and bought kit. It had a little of everything. Tube paint, pencils, square paint, brushes and so forth. First time using I immediately knew the brushes were cheap and paper not good. So I find you today! Going to purchase new brushes and paper this week because I really enjoyed it! Wanting to bring my photography and painting together if I have talent in painting! So off to view more of your videos! Wish I had found you before I purchased kit but it was a start!


    • Thanks for watching Kelly. Glad to hear my videos have been helpful. Ready made kits are rarely very good and intended for gift giving more than anything. You’ll enjoy the better supplies much more. Feel free to post any questions you might have here or on my YouTube channel. Happy painting!


  2. I started to play around a couple of years ago with sketching and watercolor and am really glad to have found your YouTube channel! I am amazed at how much information is online and yours is truly helpful. Keep up the great work!


  3. Hey Steve. – just wanted to say thanks for all the excellent instruction you’ve given us!! Love the videos, and as a newbie to watercolour, just wanted to say that you take the fear away!! Loving you!!


  4. I’m just getting started with watercolor painting. Have enjoyed watching your videos. What colors do you recommend buying to start out with?


  5. Do you have your sketches from your pumpkin watercolour available to print for me to colour. It was a great sketch to begin with and I’m very much a beginner. Thank you


  6. Just discovered your site and found it very interesting I am a water colourist and was recently given a colouring book with the pens and after filling in a few pages put the book away and went back to my paint and brushes ,but I shall give the colouring books another go .i shall certainly purchase a waterpen very usefull on long train journeys .


  7. Just watched the great 4 study on clouds and would like to see a lesson on water. I do a lot of photography and have wonderful ocean, lake, and stream pictures many with beautiful sunset colors where the blues and the pinks play together. Then there is the whole reflection thing of the clouds, mountains and trees. So many pictures to paint and soo little time! 😉 Thanks for whatever videos you post. May God continues to bless you.


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