Pic of the Day: War Stories

I shot this photo at a small local exhibit featuring 3 vintage World War II aircraft. I was reminded first hand how history is not just dusty facts and dates but an almost inexhaustible supply of stories passed on face to face by people with a twinkle in their eye, enthusiasm in their voice and an insatiable curiosity to know more, and, if they’re lucky, doing it all with a real piece of history sitting right in front of them.

As I moved from plane to plane snapping my pics, conversations wafted through the air like delicious aromas, young and old alike joining in the feast, asking questions, sharing knowledge and displaying a fascination for the history represented before them. On and on the conversations went. History is at its best on days like this because it’s stories are enthusiastically shared by people who lived them, love them, never want to forget them or all of the above.

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