Rock Study

A detailed watercolor study of some river boulders and rocks inspired by some reference photographs I took. The streams and rivers in the foothills and mountains of Upstate SC are full of these and they make great subjects. The tree was masked before painting. I’ve recently started using Pebo Drawing Gum as a masking agent over the Windsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid I usually use. Pebo has been recommended by a number of other professionals that I admire so I decided to try it. I’ve not noticed a lot of difference yet so we’ll see over the next few watercolors.



Impromptu Painting

These are technique studies with no preconceived idea, composition or direction. I started each with a splash of color or a wet in wet wash to test and experiment with techniques like salt or lifting or bottle squirting etc. The fun part comes when I see what sort of painting I can make out of it part way through. The final image comes from the paint itself so to speak. I just coax it out a little.

Blue Ice