Ink & Wash Viewing for Inktober

I don’t really have an ink and wash play list on my YouTube channel so I thought I would create one here of sorts where you can see at a glance the episodes I created using ink and wash technique with a brief description allowing you to pick and choose what you might like to watch.

My latest episode. This video capitalizes on the technique of fully rendering the subject with pen and ink needing only limited spot color from watercolor. Done with dip pen and pen brush in a hot press watercolor sketchbook.

A recent episode using ink and wash for a bird painting. The dip pen ink work here was more limited and relied heavily on watercolor technique to complete the painting. This was done in a cold press watercolor journal.

This video shows me doing a head study for what I hope to be a larger finished painting. The ink was minimal and actually added later to the watercolor study, which is a technique used less often but no less valid.

These three videos were all part of a sketching and painting trip I took to Charleston, SC. All use varying amounts of ink line but relied more heavily on watercolor painting for color and shading.

This Mill is a small journal ink and wash piece I did for one of my watercolor journals. I did most of the rendering in pen and ink then added color back in the studio.

In this episode I talk about minimal gear needed for outdoor location sketching then do a quick ink and wash tree sketch, a technique perfect for catching quick sketches on location. This video demonstrates the technique of adding ink after painting.

The first YouTube video I did on ink and wash. This journal painting uses a middle of the road approach dividing the rendering between ink line rendering and some simple color.

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