Back to the Blog

Well, them bloggin times they are a comin’… back that is.

MIndofWCbubbleAs many recent comers may notice, my last blog post was nearly 2 years ago. At that time, I was just starting my YouTube Channel, The Mind of Watercolor. After a couple of test YouTube posts, I put the blog on hold. I wasn’t sure how or if I should integrate YouTube posts with my blog posts at the time, which were more focused on my freelance design and illustration business. In other words, with limited time and energy, WHERE do I focus NOW? The answer two years later is clear – The Mind of Watercolor and related subject matter will become the subject of this blog. Its no longer a matter of “if” I’ll make MoWC a full time pursuit but “when”. I’m not quite there yet, but it makes sense that my blog should now be a support for that effort. After a revamp of my web site and thousands of interested MoWC viewers (I can never thank each of you enough), this will become The Mind of Watercolor Blog.

Given these glad tidings, here are a few of the things you might expect to come to these posts:

  • A post for each new Mind of Watercolor episode released (naturally)
  • Feature “reruns” of old episodes, some with expanded commentary and possibly featured playlists
  • Viewer’s questions answered
  • Behind the scene pics, video and commentary
  • Sharing from my other social platforms that might have been missed (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Periscope).
  • General art stuff: news, sketches, tips, ideas, challenges, exercises, product reviews, helpful links, other feature art and artists, and whatever my silly little brain can come up with, yada, yada, yada!

As with my YouTube Channel, I’m glad to have each of you following me here. Subscribe by email in the sidebar if you don’t want to miss a post. If you use an RSS feed reader you should see that link in my social icons also in the sidebar. Now… on to a new chapter of blogging.

Happy Painting!