Design That Tastes Like Chicken

As an artist, my creativity is piqued and even inspired sometimes by edgy, highly trendy, or fringe design. However, most of my business clients aren’t interested. Why? Maybe for the same reason chain restaurants with standard fare are so popular. Predictability can be comforting to the palate. We assure each other with phrases like, “Its good! It tastes like chicken.” Telling someone that the strange food they’re about to consume isn’t so strange. So what am I suggesting? Should designers forget about being, fresh or innovative and do what’s predictable, trite and safe? Nope! I’m suggesting it’s more important to give clients design that’s delicious and satisfying to their palate (not to mention their customer’s palate) rather than something out in the stratosphere of creativity. Servicing clients is not FIRST and FOREMOST about satisfying a creative itch or just trying to be “different”. I’m often astounded by how many young designers think that it is. Serving clients is a collaboration and a process designed to arrive at a solution best suited to frame their business and offerings in a savory way. Besides, great design (even creative design) often comes from an outstanding presentation of the familiar. After all, most gourmet chefs aren’t usually known for the way they prepare some exotic, rare meat. Their reputation most likely comes from offering a standard, like say chicken, prepared in a remarkably delicious way. If common fare is prepared with uncommon skill and quality ingredients and tastes great as a result, it’ll be a hit. And that goes for design as well.


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